Thursday, March 20, 2014

The sparkle of a true diamond reveals itself.

Message for the day 

Projection: Whenever we make a positive contribution, we expect those around us to recognize and appreciate it. But there are occasions where we do not receive such recognition and we then feel disheartened which in turn doesn't let us give our best in all we do. 

Solution: Whenever we find ourselves expecting people to appreciate us, we need to remind ourselves that the diamond doesn't need to speak about it's own sparkle but is recognized because of its speciality. We, too, need to discover our own speciality and work with it. We will, then, be satisfied whether we get recognition from others or not. 

Soul Sustenance 

The Three Root Causes Of Anger (Part 1) 

Any time we sense irritation, frustration or anger emerging inside our consciousness, if we take a close look at it, we will notice we are fighting a war in our consciousness with one of these three: either with another person, most obviously or with the past or with our self. 

We are at war with the past because our anger is always towards something that has already happened and looking at it we react emotionally which means we are trying to change it, which is impossible. Any scene that has taken place a year ago, a month ago or even a second ago cannot be changed. We may be completely convinced and we may believe we can. That's because we hold this belief subconsciously. Somewhere and sometime in the past, we have picked up and absorbed the belief that the world and its circumstances should shape up exactly as we want. 

When our internal desire of a certain type of circumstances is not fulfilled, or in other words something against this belief happens, our instant reaction is one of the various forms of anger and we tend to try and change the incident that has happened in a far-off past or a past that has just gone by. We keep replaying a revised incident, with words and actions that we would have liked and that suit our convenience and we also keep nullifying the actual incident or remain in a un-acceptance mode towards it. This is like fighting a war with the incident. We tend to do this inside our minds, repeatedly, even realizing somewhere deep within, that it is impossible. 

(To be continued tomorrow…) 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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