Tuesday, March 4, 2014

To take a vow means to guarantee transformation

Message for the day 

Projection: When we decide to bring about a change in some aspect we sometimes work hard in the beginning with commitment and sincerity and slowly find our enthusiasm lessening. So we give up before we could really bring about any change. 

Solution: Just as the one who takes a vow never breaks it, we too need to take the vow to transform. Whatever obstacles come our way, our special attention has to be not to break the vow. Then we will not stop when obstacles come our way. 

Soul Sustenance 

Serving Though The Subtle Body Of Light 

Apart from our physical form (body), each one of us also has a form of light - a subtle light body. It is referred to as the aura, and can be 'seen' by some sensitive souls. All of us might not be able to ‘see’ it, but we can become ‘aware’ of the aura of others’ through the vibrations they emit. The purity of our subtle, light form is dependent on the purity of our thoughts or mental vibrations. Given below are some thoughts for a meditation to help experience your subtle form and serve through it. Think and visualize each thought alongside: 

I become detached from my physical surroundings... I consciously create only the purest thoughts... Now I visualize my true form… I am a subtle being of pure spiritual light, a sparkling star situated at the center of the forehead... Gradually, I become aware of my subtle body of pure, white light surrounding rny physical form... In my body of light, I, the soul, the sparkling energy, consciously stand up and step away from my physical form, which remains seated... I, the soul, inside my subtle body, observe my physical body in a detached way… Now I slowly fly outside the room I am in… I visualize myself, in the subtle form, suspended in the sky… White rays of spiritual light radiate from me, the soul, and my body of light into the world... like that of an angel… In this pure awareness of myself in my form of light, I realize that the greatest gifts I can share with those around me are the light of love, peace and truth. 

Sitting anywhere, this meditation exercise can be done to visualize oneself in a hospital, on the site of a natural calamity, accident, next to a friend or relative in pain etc., basically anywhere where vibrations of positivity, peace and happiness are required – the location of visualizing yourself can be hundreds of miles from where you may physically be. As you practice the art of being aware of your subtle body, you will begin to sense how you can have a positive effect on others simply radiating good wishes, pure thoughts and pure feelings. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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