Monday, March 24, 2014

When there is equality in what we understand, desire and do, there is success.

Message for the day 

Projection: We usually recognise the need to bring about a change in ourselves from the signals we get from different situations. We also feel strongly that we have to change, but most times we find ourselves not taking into action and our change is limited only to understanding and having a desire. 

Solution: As soon as we understand that we have to change, we have to work at bringing about a change in ourselves immediately. We need to tell ourselves that there is no better time than now when we can bring about a change. We, then, find ourselves successful in all we do. 

Soul Sustenance 

Meditation For Overcoming Fear (Part 1) 

Breathe deeply. You should say to yourself "relax, calm yourself". Repeat until you are peaceful and centered. Become serene and feel a sensation of peace and wellbeing. Maintain this serenity on breathing. Free yourself of worries on breathing out. Now slowly create the following thoughts: 

I sit comfortably like an observer in silence... I let go of every-thing around me... objects, people, responsibilities, places... I focus my mind on the present moment... I let the serenity... the peacefulness... envelop me... In this calm I can see the dark corners of my inner self... Like shadows, I can see the fears, anxieties, guilt, unhappiness, weaknesses that lie hidden there... Fear has poisoned my being; it has stolen my peace, my happiness and my self-respect... 

I accept that there is fear within me... I observe it and I realize that I am not that fear... I am not that weakness... it is not real, it is a shadow... I focus now on what is real: it is love... it is peace... it is wellbeing... it is the purity of the soul, what is real, authentic and true... I only have to access these original qualities and allow these energies to heal and strengthen my soul... To do this, I continue to observe calmly... with patience... I do not allow my mind to judge, or analyze what is happening to me... everything that has happened to me forms part of the past... I have learned from my mistakes... I forgive myself... I forgive others... 

This meditation commentary will be continued tomorrow: 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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