Sunday, April 6, 2014

Commitment makes even the most difficult task seem easy.

Message for the day 

Projection: Sometimes we find ourselves having to do something in which we are not so interested, because it is part of our job. When we are forced to do something we don't like we find it very difficult to do the task. As soon as we get a thought as to why we should be doing it, it becomes very difficult. 

Solution: We need to bring sincerity in whatever we are doing. With sincerity comes commitment and with that comes confidence in our thoughts, words and actions. With this confidence we will be able to do the most difficult task with ease. 

Soul Sustenance 

Meditation - A Process Of Cleansing, Dialogue And Joining (cont.) 

Meditation can be defined as a process of cleansing, a process of dialogue and a process of joining. Yesterday we had explained it as a process of joining. Today we throw more light on the same:

Joining (cont.)

The Supreme Power is the eternal reference point for all creation, whose task is to recharge and cleanse everything. Being eternally pure and untouched by any trait of selfishness or violence, the Supreme Being is totally benevolent (kind), and through the eternal energies of love and truth is capable of recharging and filling the human soul with all the powers. Of course, each person chooses their own level of cleanliness, recharging or fullness. That personal choice will determine the resulting powers of love, peace, happiness and truth to be found in the individual. 

The Supreme Being is like an eternal point of pure Light that resides in the world of eternal silence, beyond time and matter. Through concentrated thought we can reach this source of love and purity. When our mind is synchronized it takes just a second to establish communication. When we reach this place of eternal silence, the world of silent light, we focus our loving attention on the Supreme Being. If our focus is deeply concentrated we can feel the self is filled with the purest peace and love, something we have never felt before in our lives. This is yoga: rejoining the self with the Supreme Being and, in this union, we once again recall all the things of value that had been hidden. So yoga means remembering: remembering the original self, the original and eternal relationship with the Supreme Being and remembering, through experience, the true meaning of love, peace and happiness (as a result of the connection with the Supreme).

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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