Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Where the mind is free from worry, the biggest task becomes light.

Message for the day 

Projection: We sometimes find ourselves in such situations, which make our mind heavy. We are not able to work well in such a situation, as the smallest thing need to be done seems very big and difficult. 

Solution: We need to learn the art of looking at the brighter side of things, because even the most negative thing has something positive in it. When we develop this art we will be able to be light and give our best to the task at hand. Then even the most difficult task will seem very easy. 

Soul Sustenance 

Overcoming The Loss/Separation Of A Loved One (cont.) 

How quickly could a person get over the loss of a loved one and begin to feel fine? We have the capacity to do it the same day or the next day. But our beliefs and conditioning, our attachments and lack of will and inner capacity, prevent us from getting better rapidly and feeling fine. Independent of the kind of mourning that you have to go through, it is a matter of preventing your memories from invading your spirit, your mind and your heart. Circumscribe them, limit them and put them in their place: in the past. Yesterday has already passed. 

On the level of action, now, in the present, use your time, your talents and your thoughts for creative tasks. Help your friends and other close ones. It will help you to come out of your aloneness and to relate. Share, dialogue and involve yourself in serving. With respect to your accumulated experiences, meditate to gain mastery in managing your memories. Clean out the cupboards of your inner self, so that the stored memories do not cause upsets, interference or suffering in the present moment. Meditate to accept and let go. Give thanks to the past. Learn from it. But now let go and free yourself. Live this moment in wholeness. It depends on you to create the right thought for it to be like that. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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