Saturday, April 5, 2014

Freedom from one's own weaknesses brings stability.

Message for the day 

Projection: Usually when we talk about freedom it is from people or from situations. We expect people or things to change for us so that we will be free. But we don't find that happening because the problem lies more within us than outside. 

Solution: Every time we find ourselves caught up and expecting things to get better for us we need to check ourselves. There would surely be some weakness of ours that is making us feel helpless in that particular situation. We need to make effort to remove that weakness. Then our perception towards the situation will change and we'll feel free. 

Soul Sustenance 

Meditation - A Process Of Cleansing, Dialogue And Joining (cont.) 

Meditation can be defined as a process of cleansing, a process of dialogue and a process of joining. Today we take up:


We can take the third meaning of meditation from the Sanskrit word yoga. By understanding this word, we learn how to get divine cooperation, or put in another way, a certain external spiritual power that can liberate us and help us to dialogue positively with the self (explained yesterday). The word yoga means "bringing together" or "joining again". Joining again with what or with whom? Firstly, with our original and eternal self: the soul, and secondly, with the eternal Supreme Source of all positive power and energy; this Source helps us to recharge ourselves with energy and to know ourselves. 

At this time in the history of humanity, humans have lost the mastery and control over themselves. They do not have continual peace or a sense of purpose, happiness or fullness. The human soul needs to be recharged. Although the soul has great potential in its inner self, it needs a source of external energy for the latent (hidden) powers and virtues to emerge, just as occurs with seeds in nature. The seeds of plants and trees have their own source of inner energy. However, this energy cannot be released without the actions of an external energy source, in this case the energy of the sun. Through the power of sunlight, the seeds in the earth will sprout and flourish. The human body has its own energy, but needs external sources of energy on a daily basis: air, sunlight, water and food. Without these external sources, the human body would die. The external source of power that helps the latent virtues emerge in the human being is not physical, since the human soul is not physical either. This source of power has traditionally been called God or the Supreme Being: in fact it has been given many names. 

(To be continued tomorrow….) 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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