Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Regard for others makes them our helpers.

Message for the day 

Projection: Working with others we usually find ourselves expecting others to cooperate with us. And sometimes we are not able to get their cooperation. We are, then, disappointed and look for help from elsewhere or seek to change the place of work. But we find that it is just a temporary solution. 

Solution: Each and every individual has a contribution to make for every task at hand. We need to give a chance and allow them to make their contribution. This is possible when we provide them with the right environment of love and regard. When we respect them for what they are, they will naturally continue to provide us support and help. 

Soul Sustenance 

Forms Of Fear In Our Modern Lifestyle 

Fear is a feeling that is generated by the lack of knowledge about a certain situation, place or person. In fear, one feels threatened by something real or imaginary. 

Fear often shows itself in our lives in the form of stress, worries and anxiety. Stress is connected with feeling pressure, feeling pushed, forced, to meet deadlines, to do more. Having to produce more and more, and having to be better and better at it, generates tensions and worries that arise in the form of the fear of not being able to achieve those objectives or results on time. The materialistic values of achieving, obtaining, having, accumulating, and ambitions, competing and wanting to obtain a position, generate a lot of pressure and stress. When we are stressed, generally we are overcharged. We think, talk and react too much. All this affects the mind and body negatively. The worst thing is that it becomes a habit, often uncontrolled, so that the simple habit of stopping and relaxing is not considered a solution. Some even consider it to be a waste of time. You have to do more and more, without stopping. 

We have taken on stressful attitudes as part of our daily life. When stress persists, corticoids appear, these are sometimes called the fear hormones. When released continuously, they affect our immune system, increasing the likelihood of cardiovascular complications and the risk of cancer. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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  1. *Soul Sustenance*~This really resonates with my situation that I am going through @ the present moment. Good read, & It reminds me to do some serious *me time* to calm myself for I've been having fear of heart attacks-from stress,& fear.

    Thank You!
    Peace & Bless you!


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