Friday, January 24, 2014

To be seated on the seat of self-respect is to use virtues in life.

Message for the day 

Projection: It usually seems very difficult to use the virtues within us when the people around are not doing so. At such times using negativity seems much easier. In spite of not having that particular weakness predominantly, say of anger, when there is provocation from the outside we tend to react with that weakness. 

Solution: In order to free ourselves from weaknesses and work with the virtues within us we need to make sure we are seated on the seat of self-respect. For this we need to recognise and appreciate some speciality within us. When we are in the awareness of this speciality of ours, we will be able to stabilize ourselves in the state of our self-respect. 

Soul Sustenance 

The Benefits Of Soul Consciousness 

The following differences between body consciousness and soul consciousness, will make you realize the benefits of soul consciousness (the practice of meditation make us soul conscious): 

In Body Consciousness: I am in bondage (not free).
In Soul Consciousness: There are no bondages, I am free. 

In Body Consciousness: I have many questions and few answers.
In Soul Consciousness: I understand everything that I do. 

In Body Consciousness: I am afraid of dying (losing the body).
In Soul Consciousness: I know I am eternal (the soul is beyond birth and death) and there is no fear of death. 

In Body Consciousness: I have no control over sense organs e.g. eyes, ears, tongue, etc..
In Soul Consciousness: I am able to practice self-control.

(To be continued tomorrow ….) 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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