Saturday, January 18, 2014

Where there is humility there is the give and take of love.

Message for the day 

Expression: Usually we don't even know when we are working with our ego because it is deeply concealed. Even when someone points out our ego, we don't want to accept it and we continue to work with it. Ego finishes the ability to learn and negatively effects our relationships because there is no give and take of love. 

Experience: The method to overcome ego is to develop humility. Humility means to be strong within yet to be gentle and flexible. This enables us to bend i.e., to bow. When we bow it doesn't mean we are defeated, but it reveals our own victory. It is only when we bend and forgive will we be able to allow the flow of love in relationships. 

Soul Sustenance 

Moving From ‘Action’ Consciousness To ‘Spiritual’ Consciousness 

As the name suggests, to be a ‘rajayogi’ means to be a practitioner of meditation, who with the practice of meditation is able become a ruler of the self. But on the other hand,‘rajayoga’ is not restricted to learning to discipline the physical sense organs only but more importantly, of redirecting the energy of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, intellect and ‘sanskaras’ in a positive and constructive way. When these energies become positive, my ‘karmas’ start becoming elevated. And how do I make these energies positive? By performing actions while having a mental connection with the Supreme Being or by having a meditative consciousness while walking, interacting, cooking, driving or working - in fact, while doing anything. After all, meditation is specifically related to the use of the mind and intellect and does not require the use of the physical sense organs and so can be done alongside each ‘karma’ in the day – only the form of meditation changes depending on the ‘karma’ being performed. Just as we can remember other things and people while being involved in various activities throughout the day, we can keep our minds on our true spiritual self, the Supreme Being, churn different aspects of spiritual knowledge, remain focused on a single aspect of spiritual knowledge, etc. while performing’ karmas’ – these are all some of the different forms of meditation – there are more that can be practiced. Thus, ‘rajayoga’ can also be called ‘karmayoga’. ‘Karmayoga’ meaning the one who maintains the balance of meditation and ‘karmas’ while being involved or busy in ‘karmas’. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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