Sunday, January 5, 2014

To remain alert means to ensure our success.

Message for the day

Expression: Inspite of putting in our best efforts we do find ourselves taken by surprise in certain situations and we experience failure. We often do not understand why we are experiencing failure even though we have put in our best efforts. At such times just blaming our fate will not help but what we need to do is to check within ourselves to see if we have something to change. 

Experience: If we experience failure, it means some or the other weakness of ours is definitely working at that time. We need to check and recognise our weakness and be constantly alert to it. Since it might start working at any time we need to be totally alert and then we will find that the weakness will not take us by surprise. We will then be able to attain total success. 

Soul Sustenance 

Communication (cont.) 

Here are some more common reasons for blocks to communication: 

* Lack of sincerity. When our thoughts and feelings are honest and respectful, then the hearts of others will open to us. A positive highway of trust is built and communication flows positively. 

* Creating negative perceptions (understandings) and emotions about othersi.e. how we visualize or label them. Such emotions, no matter how well hidden, are finally always communicated to others on a subtle (non-physical), non-verbal level, and create an atmosphere of tension and unease. 

* Not letting go of negative perceptions (understandings) and emotions. The only method to revive our relationship with others is to let go of negativity on a daily basis, to prevent it from building up. Far too often, the build-up happens without us even noticing it and, we wonder why positive feedback is not coming from the other side. 

* Lack of silence. To go deep into the self and put our thoughts and feelings into silence enables them to become positive. The silent relaxation defuses (reduces) anger and the blame and complaints that often go with it. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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