Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tolerance brings stability.

Message for the day 19-12-2010
Tolerance brings stability.

Projection: When one is faced with defamation or is accused of something, tolerance gives the power to remain stable and calm. So there is the natural ability to smile even when there is negativity that comes. Tolerance brings the recognition of the actual situation and the ability to see beyond the insults. This is possible because of being in a state of self-respect constantly.

Solution: When I am in my state of self-respect I am internally stable, whatever the situation outside may be. This is tolerance, which also brings humility. It is this humility that enables me to be a constant learner. So I find that in my stable state of mind, I am able to experience constant progress. Even insults do not stop me from moving forward.

Soul Sustenance 19-12-2010

Practical Ways of Changing Old Habits or Beliefs (cont.)


Visualization consists of creating positive images by means of the ability to imagine, and in this way reinforce positive thoughts and strengthen your will to achieve positively what you affirm for yourself in your mind. With visualization you manage to intensify experiences of positive affirmations and self-motivation, and it also helps you to specify and clarify your goals. The basic principle of using images in our mind is to act as if the desire we have in our mind has already been achieved. If we place images of success, health, wellbeing or inner peace in our mind, these will materialize in positive situations and experience, and this image of success will become real in our lives.

(To be continued tomorrow …..)

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