Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The method to finish negativity

Message for the day 29-12-2010
The method to finish negativity is to fill with the power of positivity.

Projection: There are a lot of negative characteristics, which continue to work in one's lives colouring words, actions and behaviour. Such negativity cannot be removed by reminding oneself of it again and again. Instead, a reminder and an excuse to use positivity, helps finish this negativity very naturally. It is when even the tiniest ray of light comes that the darkness begins to disappear.

Solution: When I start discovering and working with my inner positivity, I am able to easily win over my seemingly strong weaknesses. The lesser attention I give my weaknesses and the more attention I give my strengths, I am able to have an influence over my weaknesses and convert them into strengths. So there is a total experience of positivity, whatever the situation may be.

Soul Sustenance 29-12-2010
The Basic Laws Of Time

There are two basic laws governing the passage of time in this world.

Firstly, time moves in cycles.

Secondly, everything new becomes old.
These two laws help us to understand the 'complete human story' or the history of time (change), and they throw light on why the world is in its present state.

We use time to attempt to measure change. Our measurement of time begins with the changing position of the planets around the sun and a day becomes the basic unit of measurement. One year is measured by the cyclical movement of the planet around its own axis while revolving around the sun. Here lies the key to understanding that the movement of time in our physical world is always cyclical. The cycle of the day, from dawn to daylight to dusk to night, is a movement that repeats with absolute constancy. A larger cycle is that of the seasons - from spring to summer to autumn to winter - which also revolve in the same way. When we stand back from the 'big picture' of human history, we see an even larger cycle, the eternal world cycle of time a cycle that moves from the day of humanity (where everything is positive on a physical as well as spiritual level) to the night of humanity and then back to the day of humanity to repeat again. But to focus fully, see and believe that picture, we first need to understand the second law of time and also connect it with the first law.

Tomorrow we shall explain the second law of time….

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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