Thursday, December 23, 2010

The one who is responsible

Message for the day 22-12-2010
The one who is responsible is the one who constantly has good wishes.

Projection: To be responsible means to recognise the importance of one's own role. That means there is the understanding that others' transformation is dependent on one's own transformation. When there is the recognition of one's responsibility, there is naturally alertness. This alertness brings good wishes for even the ones who are not being positive.

Solution: When I am able to maintain good feelings for all those I come into contact with me, I find my relations gradually improving. I also find that I am ready to take up the challenge of changing myself before I can think of changing others. Due to this, others continue to take inspiration from me and bring about a change in themselves too.

Soul Sustenance 22-12-2010

Experiencing Yoga (Meditation) In Different Karmas (Actions)

To perform good and perfect actions we use both spiritual knowledge and spiritual power in a practical form (called karma yoga). Given below are some examples of the same:

If you are involved in a 'karma' where you have to give full attention and concentration to your work e.g. working on a computer - in this situation, just for one minute concentrate your consciousness on the question "Who am I?". Concentrate on the thought of yourself as a peaceful, pure and loveful soul. Emerge your real consciousness. Try to do this once every hour. You could wear a digital watch, which will assist you in doing the same by reminding you after every one hour with a soft beep.

If you are involved in a 'karma' where you do not have to give full attention and concentration to your work, practice, for as much time as possible, being the soul, a being of spiritual light, between the eyebrows, radiating vibrations of peace and purity towards the universe.

While cooking, have the consciousness of the Supreme Being, the Supreme Beloved, for whom I am preparing food.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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