Thursday, December 30, 2010

The one who is victorious never withdraws till victory is attained.

Message for the day 30-12-2010
The one who is victorious never withdraws till victory is attained.

Projection: When challenges, either in the form of situations or people, come one's way, the one who aims for victory never withdraws. If there are excuses given to either withdraw or move away from the situation, there can never be victory. To be victorious means attempts are repeatedly made so that there is a constant and steady progress towards success.

Solution: Temporary failures, challenges or difficult situations don't bother me, when I have the aim of being victorious. My only focus would be to attain victory and I would experience victory both in defeat and in victory. Also I will never consider myself to be alone as I continue to receive help. I would naturally experience the support and companionship of those around me.

Soul Sustenance 30-12-2010
The Basic Laws Of Time (cont.)

We also observe in nature that everything new becomes old. Nothing ever starts old and becomes new. All commodities including the human body, philosophies and religious movements - all move from a state of newness to a state of oldness or decay. When we translate this principle and process to the world as a whole, we can more easily understand why we live in an 'old world': overused, misused, tired and where many areas are simply worn out. This process is sometimes known as entropy. The Law of Entropy describes the movement from order to disorder or chaos, where energy in a closed system reduces when it is not renewed or re-energized from a source outside that system. In the context of our physical planet, the sun sustains and re-energizes the systems of nature every day, and so the Earth is sustained. Only in the past century has our exploitation of the natural world started to become faster than the worlds capacity for renewal or re-energization. We now use the trapped energy in our physical world much faster than the sun can replace it through the earths biological systems.

Tomorrow, we shall explain how the Law of Entropy can be applied to spiritual energy and our values.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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