Sunday, January 2, 2011

To be happy is to let go through the mind

Message for the day 31-12-2010
To be happy is to let go through the mind and not just through words.

Projection: Things do not always happen as expected. At such times, the one who is able to let go of expectations from the situation is able to forget it. Such a person will not speak about the situation again and again and describe it to everyone. Nor will there be the need to say, "I let go". Once the situation is accepted as it is, there will not be even a single thought of it.

Solution: When I accept things as they are, I will be able to learn and be richer with every new experience. I will not be mentally troubled by what happened, but will be able to maintain my own inner happiness. I will thus be able to keep my mind clear for whatever is coming up in the future. So I will find freedom from waste and constant progress with the resources that I have.

Soul Sustenance 31-12-2010

The Basic Laws Of Time (cont.)

When the Law of Entropy is translated into spiritual energy and our values and attitudes, we can perhaps begin to see why, as individuals, we feel worn out, tired and old in values, even while we may still be relatively young in physical age. We can also understand why negative attitudes easily prevail over positive. In fact, the entropy of our values has followed the same pattern as the entropy of our world environment (explained yesterday) i.e. the spiritual energy or the energy of the values of the world has been reducing (as the world has become older and older) because it has not been renewed or re-energized from a source outside that system. When we accept this movement from new to old, it reveals a very different understanding of the events we have been taught to call history. As we look back down the ages, we find there have been deep philosophical insights, major scientific discoveries; thousands of practical inventions and the development of global communication have all contributed to the rise of the illusion of progress. While we may be enjoying tremendous technological progress, it seems clear that we are not enjoying the development of healthier, more loving and harmonious relationships with ourselves, each other or the planet - and yet this is in accordance with the law of new to old. It is the decay in our values which has largely contributed to our exploitation, pollution and general disrespect for the natural world. At the present moment, the source from outside the world system (on a spiritual level) which is required to re-energize it and restore it to its original new stage is the Supreme Soul or God or the Spiritual Sun, who is an ocean of spiritual energy and divine values or virtues. In meditation we, as part of the world system, can absorb this energy or divinity from him and contribute to this process.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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