Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To be set on the seat of one's own position

Message for the day 21-01-2011
To be set on the seat of one's own position is to be free from the opposition of situations.

Projection: To be set on the seat of one's own position means to remain stable and beyond fluctuation even in challenging situations. This comes when there is an experience of the inner qualities and strength. So during difficult times, it is this inner strength that is revealed. So there is no opposition from even the challenging situations that come up.

Solution: When I know my own inner qualities and strength and have this awareness in a conscious way, I am able to set myself on an elevated position. No opposition, however powerful it may be, can shake me from my seat of self-respect. In fact, I experience becoming firmer in my position with every opposition that comes.

Soul Sustenance 21-01-2011
The Four Phases/Ages Of Humanity (cont.)

In the stories of history of both the Greeks and Indians, human life on Earth is depicted by four phases or Ages. These four Ages together make up one cycle. The four Ages are:

Golden Age or 'Satyug' (also the morning or spring time of humanity) - remembered as Paradise, Heaven on earth, around 4,000 - 5,000 years ago when the world was one kingdom and there was complete purity of the soul and peacefulness and happiness in all human affairs. Sorrow in any form or at any level was unknown.

Silver Age or 'Tretayug' (also the day or summer time of humanity) - still relatively like Paradise, still unity, but the purity of soul and matter were beginning to decrease. Sorrow was still unknown.

Copper Age or 'Dwaparyug' (also the evening or autumn time of humanity) - the loss of spiritual awareness and stepping down into the consciousness of the body, succumbing to the five vices. Also the beginning of separation and breaking up of the world, the beginning of sorrow and conflict. Ego begins to rule in the minds and hearts of men and women.

Iron Age or 'Kaliyug' (also the night or winter time of humanity) - the dark night of the soul and the darkest period of the world, a time of greed, lust, sorrow, peacelessness, conflict, war and hatred at all levels of human activity.

(To be continued tomorrow ...)

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