Friday, January 28, 2011

The power of good wishes enables disheartened ones to experience happiness.

Message for the day 27-01-2011
The power of good wishes enables disheartened ones to experience happiness.

Projection: The usual reaction to the negativity in another person is to behave negatively too, i.e., to express negative qualities. This continues although this does not bring about the desired change in the other person. On the other hand, when there is the ability to see the positive qualities in the other person and have good wishes based on that it becomes a source of power to bring about a change to positivity.

Solution: When I have the ability to give positive feelings and good wishes to the other person even when they are negative, they are able to get the power to change the negative to positive. I find that the change that I seek for in others is much more quicker and easier than if there is the emphasis just on negativity.

Soul Sustenance 27-01-2011
The Principle Of Focus and Flow

If we look at the sun and the earth, we appreciate a basic and fundamental law of life, which we as human beings can learn from, that is of great help in the right movement of life. By means of light, the sun gives life to the earth; in addition, the sun is fixed in its position (a symbol of "focus") to enable the earth (a symbol of "flow") and all the other planets of our solar system to continue in their rhythmic, harmonious orbit. Otherwise, there would be chaos, upheaval and great damage. The earth on the other hand, constantly moves in repetitive cycles around the sun. This movement allows for changes and expression on the earth, which have a beginning, middle and end. In other words, the phenomenon of time is created as a direct result of the earth's balanced and harmonious cyclic movements. Both the fixed position of the sun and the movement of the earth are necessary for life. The earth has all the potential for life but, without light from a fixed source, there would be no life. In the same way, the sun has the power to give life, but if the moving earth did not hold the potential, even with light, there would be no sustenance of life.

Tomorrow we shall explain how this fundamental law involving the sun and the earth can be applied to real life (the principle of focus and flow)…

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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