Monday, January 3, 2011

Desire to change.

Message for the day 02-01-2011
The way to bring about a change is to have the desire to change.

Projection: When there are excuses given not to bring about change, then nothing can ever be changed. There is always blame on others and situations and there is no desire to change. Instead if there is the readiness to take up the responsibility of bringing about a change, there is initiative and commitment. Accordingly, effort is put in and there is success in the desired change.

Solution: Instead of bringing about change as required, if I continue to blame others, I will continue to try to escape from that situation. But if I do so, I find that the same difficulty will occur either with someone else or in some other situation. The easiest thing for me is to change myself. When I have the desire to do so, I find it easily happening and I find help coming from outside also.

Soul Sustenance 02-01-2011
Neurotic Tendencies - Causes And Cure

In the present era our psychological needs have become more and more complex. With our fast paced lifestyles, most people are extremely busy and hence are not able to find sufficient time to satisfy the psychological needs of their family members, relatives and friends. Therefore, they tend to feel dissatisfied with their parents, spouse, children, other relatives or friends. They are also not able to express these dissatisfactions openly, hence consciously or subconsciously they tend to suppress them. These suppressed dissatisfactions tend to find an outlet unconsciously and neurotic tendencies are formed giving an outlet to these suppressed dissatisfactions. This mechanism takes place at a subconscious level and normally one is not aware about it. Even when one knows this psychological mechanism the present day relationships have become so delicate and complex that one is not able to feel satisfied in all relationships. Rajyoga meditation practice where the mind is tuned to the Almighty and one receives unconditional love of all relations from the Supreme, relieves suppressed dissatisfactions. Regular practice of meditation prevents all average middle class mental disorders. People already suffering from mental disorders also benefit immensely from meditation practice.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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