Monday, January 17, 2011

The power of realisation brings permanent transformation

Message for the day 13-01-2011
The power of realisation brings permanent transformation

Projection: To have the power of realisation means to have the power to understand what is right and to have the commitment to the right thing. So, if a mistake is committed, when there is the realisation, there is easy and permanent transformation. So the same mistake is never committed again.

Solution: When I have the power of realisation, I will never experience difficulty in bringing about a change, because I have actually understood the importance of bringing about change.

Soul Sustenance 13-01-2011

"Yoga" Or Meditation Explained With Interesting Examples

"Yoga" is a Sanskrit word derived from another Sanskrit word "Uhja" which literally means link, connection or communication. In spiritual terminology "yoga" means communion of the self with the Supreme Being. Once this communion is established the practitioner receives positive vibrations of tranquility, bliss, purity, mercy, etc. from the Supreme Soul.

It is a well known fact that when a tuning fork is vibrating, if you bring another tuning fork close to it, the second one also starts vibrating with same frequency. God, the Supreme, always vibrates with the frequency of peace, bliss, purity, power and all other positive qualities. During "yoga" or meditation practice one just tunes one's mind to the Supreme. In other words one just takes his consciousness near the Almighty and no sooner does this happen then the practitioner's mind also picks up those positive harmonizing and health promoting frequencies.

The mechanism of "yoga" or meditation practice can be explained with the help of another example: Different radio stations are broadcasting their programs on specific wave lengths. When we adjust our radio on a specific wave length it will pick up that particular program. During "yoga" practice one simply tunes one's mind to the wavelength of the Supreme Soul and in turn receives all his positive vibrations.

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