Friday, January 7, 2011

Patience enables one to easily overcome obstacles.

Message for the day 07-01-2011
Patience enables one to easily overcome obstacles.

Projection: Usually, when faced with obstacles there is an urgency to remove it without any proper planning. That means we want to overcome the obstacle without putting in any effort. And when it is not possible, it tends to create impatience and frustration in us.

Solution: It is important to do some internal work to overcome an obstacle. First, it is good to check to what extent there is faith in the self. With faith in ourselves, we need to plan out before we act to remove or overcome the obstacle and we will, then, find ourselves successful.

Soul Sustenance 07-01-2011
Is The Supreme Soul (God) Really Omnipresent (present everywhere)? cont.

If the Supreme Soul (God) were omnipresent there would be no need for knowledge and no need to search for peace. The One who is the ocean of peace and the ocean of knowledge would be everywhere. Perhaps the strongest point against the idea of literal omnipresence is the point of relationship. In the heart of every soul – there is a distinct memory - I am the child, God is my Father. If God is omnipresent, does that mean that the Father is present inside the child?

God is also the supreme teacher, guide, liberator, friend and purifier of human souls. That is why everyone turns their thoughts to Him in their hours of sorrow. The idea that God is omnipresent is indeed the ultimate excuse and greatest escape from responsibility of the mistakes that human souls have made and continue to make. After all, if God were omnipresent (present in everyone) He would be responsible for good as well as evil karmas that humans commit. An omnipresent God implies that we have nothing to complete in ourselves for we are already God. Am I really God? One could not seriously admit to such a claim. It is only through deep and concentrated meditation that one can enter the spiritual dimension where His presence is truly felt.

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