Monday, December 6, 2010

The way to be rid of waste thoughts

Message for the day 04-12-2010
The way to be rid of waste thoughts is to maintain a powerful thought.

Projection: When the intellect is accomplished with powerful thoughts, waste thoughts cannot enter. Only when the intellect remains empty that there is place for waste thoughts to enter. To be busy with elevated thoughts is to keep the mind free from waste. All it needs is to turn on the switch of one powerful thought, then wastage finishes. This is just like a switch which brings light and finishes darkness. Then there is no wastage in words and actions too.

Solution: When I make the pracitce of keeping a single elevated thought in my intellect, I am able to be free from the bondage of wastage. I find that a lot of time and energy of mine is saved. Even when there is an external situation of conflict, chaos and confusion, there is no internal chaos and there is only power in my thoughts. So I make decisions easily and quickly and I enjoy all the situations that come my way.

Soul Sustenance 04-12-2010
Self Empowerment

We do not realize that we are more than the limits we repeatedly place on ourselves.

What is it that limits and overshadows us? The prayers and the requests of the human race for many centuries - with 'I need', 'I want' and 'I own', people place value on the self by relating to the material, external aspects of their lives. However, this does not work and when people insist on behaving in this way (that is, relating to the outside), then addictive attachments are created. They try to fill themselves, but exactly the opposite happens: the self becomes more and more empty. Unfortunately, the mechanism of need and greed functions in this way: first, there is the illusion of gain and secondly, when this is not realised, depletion (emptiness), instead of enrichment (filling up), occurs. Whatever the addiction is, no matter how camouflaged (hidden) it may be, it quietly but surely, ruins the person. It is a silent illness that only meditation can cure.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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