Thursday, May 17, 2012

Every reaction to situations is a reflection of one's own self-respect.

Message for the day 17-05-2012
Every reaction to situations is a reflection of one's own self-respect. 

Projection: To the extent that there is a high degree of self-respect, to that extent there is a positive response to even the most negative situations. If there is low self-respect, even the smallest situation brings forth a strong negative reaction. This reaction only makes matters worse. 

Solution: When I am able to maintain my own self-respect even in the worst situation, I am able to have a hold, control over these situations. But if I have a low self-respect I continue to blame situations and use them as excuses to feel helpless. So I am not able to do anything about these situations and just continue to have negative feelings. 

Soul Sustenance  17-05-2012

Practical Exercises Of Self Transformation Through The Power Of Meditation (cont.) 

Given below are some more practical points for change through the power of meditation: 

8. Experience how the power of meditation enables you to increase your self- respect i.e. rising above emotions of ego and inferiority complex. It enables me to put a stop on the past and enjoy the present. Write your experience. 

9. The power of meditation cancels negative karma and creates calmness. Experience the language of peace - communicate those feelings to others through the eyes. Experience the efficiency in action that peace brings. Write your experience. 

10. The power of meditation heals old wounds and opens the heart. It enables you to donate happiness from the thought level right through to the level of action. Through meditation power: waste decreases and divinity or positivity increases. Write your experience. 

11. With the power of meditation transform the atmosphere and the attitudes of others. High energy positive vibrations are stronger than low energy negative vibrations. Meditation power heals the world - your vibrations change every molecule. Write your experience. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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