Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tolerance brings the ability to enjoy the fruits of the moment.

Message for the day 31-05-2012
Tolerance brings the ability to enjoy the fruits of the moment. 

Projection: When there is tolerance, there is the ability to understand and accept situations as they are. So there is no reaction to situation and people, but an ability to act in the right way. So the one who is tolerant is able to make use of the available resources and be the best under all circumstances. 

Solution: Even during challenging situations if I am tolerant, I am able to experience success each moment. I have the satisfaction of using the present moment in a fruitful way. Tolerance brings humility in me and I constantly keep learning and progressing, with every challenge that I am faced with. 

Soul Sustenance  31-05-2012

Practical Ways of Changing Old Habits or Beliefs (cont.) 

Conscious Disassociation 

A useful method for transforming habits is that of conscious disassociation. This involves avoiding the situations that give rise to the habit occurring automatically. For example, if you often smoke after a coffee, you have to make sure there is no coffee. By breaking your habit, you will be less likely to have a craving to smoke. Instead of your habitual coffee, you can create a new pattern and have a cup of herbal tea and sit down to think or read, instead of smoking. 

Rajyoga Meditation 

Rajyoga meditation is an efficient method for transforming habits. By connecting with the Supreme Soul (who is the purest conscient energy) in the incorporeal (non-physical) world of divine light, which is called “paramdham” or “shantidham”, the soul purifies itself and one experiences a natural disinclination from negative habits that we have been trapped in for a long time. 

(To be continued tomorrow …..) 

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