Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our correction is effective when we become an example.

Message for the day 24-05-2012
Our correction is effective when we become an example. 

Projection: When we find ourselves correcting others, sometimes we do find ourselves in situations where someone is not listening to us. Even if the correction is given with love it does not seem to work. So we find ourselves at a loss as to how to make the other person understand. 

Solution: In order to make our words effective, we need to apply them in our own life. When we first apply it in our life, we will become an example for others around us. Our words would then surely have an impact on others. 

Soul Sustenance  24-05-2012

The Five Primary Qualities (cont.) 

The soul has five primary qualities; we could say they are the primary colours of humanity with which we paint the picture of our lives. We had discussed peace and purity yesterday. The others are: 

Perhaps the most difficult original quality to achieve because it has become so mixed up with attachment, possessiveness and dependence, deeply ingrained habits that have become accepted as normal. As a result, the human being finds it difficult to realize the true form of pure love, which is unconditional. The quality of love means "I care", “I share” and, in particular, “I liberate”. True spiritual love never creates that need, or dependence, where others cannot find, or be, themselves. 

To know and to be what I am eternally and truly, and to exist in this consciousness, is what we mean by knowledge. It is not knowing about the soul, peace, love, etc., but rather knowing is to be the soul, to be peace, to be love. This quality of true knowing is expressed through 'I am', the original awareness of the self that exists beyond the false self of ego. 

(To be continued tomorrow ….) 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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