Friday, May 11, 2012

Greatness lies in revealing one's own speciality.

Message for the day  11-05-2012

Greatness lies in revealing one's own speciality. 

Expression: Greatness means recognising one's own speciality and being a donor with it. It also means being royal and great in what is given to the mind - that means giving the mind only the positive. When there is greatness in this way there is speciality and uniqueness seen in every act of mine.

Experience: When I am able to perceive my inner greatness, I am able to be content because there are no expectations, but there's only a feeling of being a giver. I find myself to be light and easy and enjoying each moment of my life, slowly moving towards perfection. I am also able to attain the blessings and good wishes from others.

Soul Sustenance  11-05-2012

Meditation – Experiencing My Original Home 

In meditation, I focus my thought on that region which is called by such names as “soul world”, “paramdham”, “nirvana”, “shantidham” and so on. In fact, this is the region where the soul stays, when it has no body. Here the soul resides in the form of a star-like point of light, untouched by matter. In this world, there exists neither thought, word nor action; just complete stillness, sweet silence and peace. When I first take a physical body, it is from here that I the soul come down into the material world i.e. the earth, which is the field of action.

With the practice of meditation, my third eye opens; and I see and experience my original home as an infinite world of very subtle golden-red light, situated beyond the physical world of five elements, beyond the sun, moon and stars.

(To be continued tomorrow .... ) 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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