Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lightness comes when words are accurate.

Message for the day 02-05-2012
Lightness comes when words are accurate.

Expression: Accurate words means there is nothing extra spoken. Whatever has to be said is said to the point. Such words being short are sweet to hear too and are those that never hurt others. They bring about the result needed accurately.

Experience: When my words are to the point, there is a lot of lightness experienced within me and my physical energy is saved too. Others too experience benefit through my words and so I naturally get blessings from them, which helps me move forward with lightness.

Soul Sustenance 02-05-2012
Effect Of Food On The Mind (cont.)

Food may be placed in one of three categories. Pure (or ‘sattwic') food constitutes the staple diet of a yogi (meditator). It includes fruits, grains, seeds, sprouts, most vegetables, dairy products and a moderate amount of spices and herbs. Then there is stimulating (or ‘rajsik’) food which may be consumed in moderation, and includes coffee, tea, colas, vinegar, radishes, spices and watermelon. Finally there are impure (or ‘tamsic’) items, such as tobacco, alcohol, nonprescription drugs, all meat, fish, fowl, eggs, stale food and also garlic, onions and chives. These should all be completely avoided. Ordinarily onions and garlics are recommended to non-vegetarians as blood purifiers and to help counteract the buildup of harmful animal fat and cholesterol. However, the healthy vegetarian is not in need of such protection and a spiritually sensitive meditator will be aware that they (onions and garlics) tend to arouse anxiety and irritation – passions which reduce serenity and peace of mind. The purer ones diet, the more the emotions remain in a state of equilibrium, bringing tranquility to the consciousness and greater clarity to the mind and intellect.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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