Monday, May 21, 2012

To look at and appreciate specialities is to become special.

Message for the day 21-05-2012
To look at and appreciate specialities is to become special. 

Projection: Life constantly offers opportunities to look at specialities. The one who has the habit of looking at these specialities is able to imbibe these specialities within himself. He is able to become more special with looking at only specialities constantly. So also, the one who looks at others' weaknesses subconsciously imbibes those weaknesses within himself. And these weaknesses are expressed in one's actions too. 

Solution: When I form a habit of looking only at specialities, I am able to become richer. My personality changes positively as I have imbibed the habit of looking only at the positive aspects of the others. Also for having looked at others' specialities I find that others also begin to look at my specialities. Thus I am able to win the love and regard of all, and I become truly special. 

Soul Sustenance  21-05-2012

The Power Of The Imagination 

The power of the imagination is extraordinary. The imagination is one of our greatest resources. It offers us many options and, with the clarity of our intuition and the power of our intention, we can use it to bring about abundance and success in our lives. 

It is a matter of using the art of the imagination in a constructive way so that it does not betray us. The imagination should be used for our more healthy and positive intentions. 

When the imagination is influenced by our limiting fears and beliefs, our mind begins to imagine the worst; it creates fearful scenes that end up generating phobias and blocking us. Then we turn the imagination into an instrument to create negative fantasies that distance us from what is real. We believe in the fantasies that we have imagined. 

The imagination has to used to help us overcome our limitations and not the other way round, which would be when the imagination is influenced by our limiting beliefs and our fears, with which it weakens us and keeps us locked into the cages created by our own mind. From a grain of sand it imagines and creates a great mountain that prevents it from advancing, and this mountain only exists in its own mind. 

When the imagination is used in a positive way, it is capable of turning a great mountain, a difficult situation, into a grain of sand. 

There is nothing too big that the human being cannot overcome. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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