Saturday, January 12, 2013

Real honesty is to be free from excuses.

Message for the day 

Expression: The one who is truly honest never gives excuses - to himself or to others. He is free from words that blame others or give excuses. Honesty also enables one to bring into action only such things that will bring about progress for the self and will influence others positively.

Experience: When I am free from giving excuses, I am able to learn from situations and experience constant progress. This is real honesty, which brings me deep inner contentment and joy. It also brings me blessings and good wishes from others on the basis of their trust.

Soul Sustenance 

The Significance Of The Power Of Thought In Meditation 

Meditation is not a process of emptying the mind of thought. In meditation I use the natural power of the soul – the power to create thoughts, as a take-off point (or as a spring-board) to finally experience the consciousness of the true self. In meditation, I climb a ladder of well-prepared, positive and spiritual thoughts and eventually climb beyond the ladder into the pure experience of what I really am. Pondering over these pure and real thoughts can occupy the soul for long periods of time.

In the most basic stage of Rajyoga meditation, first comes the realization: I am a soul, the energy of consciousness made up of a mind, an intellect and a collection of ‘sanskars’. My eyes, ears, nose, mouth are just the organs, which when used correctly, help me, the soul, enjoy life. I now possess the knowledge that will free me from my cage. I have the key, spiritual knowledge is the key - I am a soul, a being of light, ‘a bird’ which has the power to fly freely. Knowing this, I am not bound by physical laws. I can detach and fly at the speed of a thought, to the soul world, where I can easily experience my original state. I must realize that it is impossible to have ‘peace of mind’ if I cannot detach from the body. I must look upon all my family members, friends, colleagues, also as souls which have come from the soul world. We are all fellow souls.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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