Saturday, January 19, 2013

Real honesty is to be free from excuses.

Message for the day

Expression: The one who is truly honest never gives excuses - to himself or to others. He is free from words that blame others or give excuses. Honesty also enables one to bring into action only such things that will bring about progress for the self and will influence others positively.

Experience: When I am free from giving excuses, I am able to learn from situations and experience constant progress. This is real honesty, which brings me deep inner contentment and joy. It also brings me blessings and good wishes from others on the basis of their trust.

Soul Sustenance

Meditation On Experiencing Deep Peace 

Consider your mind as a stage, and each thought, feeling, emotion as a scene in the film of your life... Relax... Don't try to control anything... Observe how your thoughts pass through your mind... Don't identify with any of them... Only observe... Look where they take you... Observe what happens inside you... Do not judge... The thoughts flow through your mind as if they were clouds that are crossing the sky until everything is clear and open... The mind is becoming calm, making itself peaceful... like the surface of the sea when it is serene...

Now, be conscious of the sounds that are produced around you... Stay here and now as an observer who sees and feels everything from a point of light, a point of calm and peace, behind these eyes... Feel the calm... the tranquility... that comes from within you... Look around you... Observe without interpreting or judging... Feel the silence that is created through the power of concentration. Consciously, create a positive, peaceful, elevated thought that you repeat slowly in your mind, leaving a space of silence between one thought and another, while you keep the focus on that point...

I am a being of peace... I am at peace... I feel the peace... I am light... I am a being of light... My nature is of light... peace and silence... I am feeling the silence between one thought and the next... I listen to the peace... a silent peace... calmed... full... This peace and silence attracts the ocean of peace... I feel the attraction towards my home of silence and peace... a world full of soft golden light, beyond the sun, moon and stars… In this peace and silence, I strengthen myself... my mind rests in that calm and quietness...

I experience a light, the Supreme Light, the Supreme Soul who fills me... he recharges me... renews me... heals me... frees me... I am free... completely free... now I am at peace... I leave my mind in silence, as if I were floating on a sea of peace for a few minutes...

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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