Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To have trust in the power of peace is to be free from conflict.

Message for the day

Expression: The one who has faith in the power of peace never reacts to situations. Instead he watches each situation with inner silence knowing and understanding that the situation will surely change. Such a person is able to search for a solution and a reason in every challenging and conflict-arousing situation. So there is the ability to be the best.

Experience: When I understand that there surely is a solution for every problem, and the solution doesn't lie in loosing my inner peace, I am able to be in touch with my inner peace in all challenging situations. I will be free from creating conflicts in my mind and in my life too. So I'll continue to experience the best from everything.

Soul Sustenance 

Being A Good Transformation (Change) Agent 

Often, we feel ourselves to be ‘victims’ of different factors that seem to direct the course of our life without us being able to control them. The world does not seem to dance to our music and our will, and we feel ourselves to be ‘victims’ because things do not work out or are not as we want. Therefore, we give up and decide to resign ourselves to this reality; to be ‘victims’ of it and observe passively (non-actively), resisting what comes, getting frustrated and bad-tempered. However, we could position ourselves in another way: being transformation (change) agents (the ones who are able to change the external factors like people or situations) by creating a different reality. To do so we have to change our perception. Also, it is necessary to strengthen our capacity to tolerate, accept, let go and forget. Tolerance here also refers to understanding, love and compassion (kindness). Not to put up with people or things, but to remain above them, to go beyond them; to co-operate with trust and motivation. It is difficult for us to tolerate because we have expectations and pre-conceived ideas of how others should act and be. Then we create negative feelings towards them because they are not like that or don’t act in the manner that we want. This makes our relationship with them difficult.

When your vision towards others is positive, you see their qualities, their efforts and their values instead of their defects and their errors. You are open to listening to them and to understanding their intentions. That way it is easier to have good feelings towards them. Basing ourselves on a positive and objective vision and on good feelings, we do not have to put up with, or even tolerate the other - the relationship becomes streamlined.

(To be continued tomorrow…)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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