Saturday, January 26, 2013

The power of peace finishes the force of anger.

Message for the day

Expression: The one way to finish the force of anger is to fill with the power of peace. The one who remains peaceful in times of chaos is the one who acts like a fire extinguisher. So such a person does not get angry because the other person is angry, but speaks such words that finish his anger.

Experience: When I maintain my own inner state of peace and calm, even when someone is angry, I am able to be powerful. The power within me becomes a big asset during such times. My light (power) of positivity helps to finish the darkness of negativity. All I need to do at that time is to take a firm thought not to let go of my inner peace.

Soul Sustenance

The Car-Driver Comparison To Aid Self Realization (cont.) 

If a good driver, while driving a car is distracted by the negative and disturbing scenes which he comes across and his attention is pulled in many different directions, he will make his journey unsafe increasing the probability of meeting with accidents. When the same principles are applied to the soul and the body, I also need to take care that, while traveling on the road of life, I am not distracted by scenes that are not useful to me e.g. when looking out through my eyes and I don’t have to take in all the images, scenes and information along the way, otherwise I may meet with an accident. When listening through my ears, I don’t have to take in all the words and everything that people say, otherwise I may meet with an accident. I can choose to take in what is useful for me, but I do not have to register distracting, negative and harmful images and words. Just like a driver, I see and understand situations, too I keep my eyes and ears open - it would be unsafe to ignore them completely, I need to be aware of them - but I look only for the positive in them, so that I remain focused and am not deflected from my goal of experiencing inner contentment and bliss, while making the journey.

I, as the driver in charge of this vehicle, the body, also need to take care that I do not drive rashly i.e. I learn to monitor the feelings and attitude that are transmitted outwards through my eyes, my words and my complete body language. Driving rashly i.e. transmitting negative energy in this way could harm any co-traveler on the road of life. When these feelings stay positive, filled with sweetness, purity and respect, that too helps to ensure that my journey passes smoothly and enjoyably. When I stay alert and aware in a driver conscious and drive carefully as explained in this and yesterday’s message, my actions bring me closer to my spiritual truth and I am able to share my positivity with others around me. When I lose awareness for even a moment, there's danger either from me to others or vice versa.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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