Monday, October 26, 2015

The ability to bring out strength is to be constantly powerful.

Message for the day 26-10-2015

Thought to Ponder: We normally get to a state of mind, according to the situation. But, we can take inspiration from examples like the incense stick which is full of fragrance, and spreads only that. Also is the example of the candle/lamp. It is fully of light so that is what it radiates. So it is important to connect to my strengths at all times, so that I can give what I have at all times. 

Point to Practice: Today I will remember a positive quality that I have. I will remind myself of this at least 10 times or as many times as I can. And while I do that, whatever the challenge may be I'll believe in my own strengths and continue to use them. 

Soul Sustenance 26-10-2015

Transforming The Other’s Anger

In meditation, when I connect with God, I absorb His spiritual love and peace, which causes my own original qualities, which are present in me, the soul, in my pure state when I begin the playing of roles through physical bodies on the world stage, to come to the forefront or to the surface, to emerge in the conscious from the sub-conscious. As a result, now, where previously there would have been conflict, I have a greater capacity to remain peaceful when another person behaves in an unpleasant way with me. I have the power to stay mentally and emotionally stable when someone provokes or insults me. This power is enormously valuable in life, enabling me to cool heated situations, and even remove another person's anger altogether.

Instead of focusing on the anger on a person's face, I focus my attention to the non-physical, star-like being or soul within the person, which was peaceful and loveful in its original, pure state. This increases my tolerance and acceptance power. Also, through my meditation, I am actively aware of the spiritual bond all human beings share, as souls who have a common home of peace, the incorporeal (non-physical) home, from where all of souls come and a common connection with the One Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Through this knowledge, I connect with the goodness in the other soul and my love for the soul is maintained. I realize that this goodness is a deeper reality than the anger. The truth is that if I can hold this soul-conscious vision steady for long enough, I radiate positive energy to the other soul, which works like magic and awakens the goodness within the other person. Then, my tolerance bears fruit and peace really does prevail between the two of us.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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