Thursday, October 8, 2015

To use resources well is to increase them.

Message for the day 08-10-2015

Expression: If I put to use whatever resources I have, I will be able to increase them. Firstly, whatever I use, I become aware of them more and more. They become more and more available to me. Secondly, for having used them, they get sharpened and much better. It also brings back return from others in some way or the other. 

Experience: Today I will recognize at least one special resource which I have not been putting to use. It could be the resource of a skill that I have; some specialty or even something more subtle, like the resource of my thoughts or time. I will start using it consciously, so that I use it more and more, thus increasing it. 

Soul Sustenance 08-10-2015

8 Powers To Experience Success (Part 3)

The list of different situations that we go through in the entire day is endless. Of course, the powers required in all the different situations are different. Sometimes not just one or two but all the eight powers, to different extents, are required to experience success. We have to bring the power into action. There are three stages of bringing a power into action. The first step is realizing that in a particular situation I need a particular spiritual power and being sure as to which that power is or powers are. For this, I need a calm mind and a pure intellect and also an experience of the past of having gone through different types of situations of the mind, body, role and relationships. E.g. if someone’s behavior is not very positive towards me, in such a situation, to experience success, I need the power to tolerate and accommodate. At the same time, in such situations, it is not wise to use the power to face i.e. being bold and trying to face the other person. I need to know that I have to face the situation, not the person, which could spoil the situation. So, I need to be clear about my choices and need to be sure as to which of the eight powers I should use. A wrong choice of power can mean a negative situation becoming more negative and a right choice can lead to a solution to a problem.

Then, the second step is to emerge that power inside my consciousness. This depends on how my sanskaras have been filled with these eight powers over a long period of time. Of course, all people have all eight powers to a little extent at least, but some people’s sanskaras of the powers are deeper than the others and so they are able to emerge the powers more easily. Also, after that, the last step is implementing the power and bringing it into action. This means that the power does not only emerge in my mind, but it shows through my thoughts, words and actions also.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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