Wednesday, October 7, 2015

To connect to others' specialties is to get cooperation.

Message for the day 07-10-2015

Expression: The one who sees specialties has faith in others. Whatever the person's present action or response may be, when we remain connected to the specialties, we are able to use these specialties with faith. This also makes us have good wishes for them. This automatically makes us easily give and get cooperation. 

Experience: Today I will see only specialties in others. I will think of one person whom I have more interaction with. I will specially focus on the strengths of this person. As far as possible, I will also remind him too of these specialties. 

Soul Sustenance 07-10-2015

8 Powers To Experience Success (Part 2)

Whenever you start the day and you have work to do, remind yourself that I have to use the eight spiritual powers in overcoming situations of various types and experience success. Take for e.g. today I have to meet a group of executives in a company meeting and we have to take a few decisions based on everyone’s feedback. For such a situation, I need to use the power to discriminate the different opinions of people and also the power to judge and reach a final decision based on the different opinions. For this I need a clean intellect and a stable mind and also as mentioned in yesterday’s message the sanskaras of these two powers especially. Also, suddenly my close associate in the office develops a cold war with me i.e. he starts keeping a distance from me. In such a situation, to get him back on good terms with me, I need the power to co-operate and accommodate along with the other powers to a lesser extent. These are examples of two different situations at the workplace.

Then there are situations involved with the body becoming ill at times and the mind feels burdened by that and the smile on the face is replaced by discontentment and indifference for many people when faced with such physical body related problems. In such a situation the primary power required is the power to face and the power to accommodate. The other six powers also reduce when faced with an illness. There are some people who lose their temper or get angry very easily when they are not physically well i.e. their power to tolerate and power to co-operate reduces. Also, some people will find it hard to discriminate right from wrong and judge correctly when are not well, which are two important powers required to be successful in real life situations. And again, because in all illness, negative thoughts can increase, there are people who will find it extremely difficult to get sleep and remain focused i.e. their power to pack up and withdraw gets affected in such a situation.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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