Thursday, October 1, 2015

The easiest way to bring positivity in life is to become worthy of God's love.

Message for the day 01-10-2015

Expression: A simple checking whether to perform an action or not is to see if it would be approved by God. When every action is thus checked, there would be positivity and benefit expressed through everything. There would not be any negative, waste or even ordinary actions performed, but only those that are sealed with the power of positivity. 

Experience: When I am able to bring about such positivity in my life, I'll not only win the love of God, but also the love, praise and good wishes of all those around me. I also become trust worthy and an image of support for those who are seeking to bring positivity in their lives. 

Soul Sustenance 01-10-2015

The Beautiful Personality Of God (Part 3)

Just like us, God is a spiritual energy with a beautiful personality of His own. His personality is so magnetic that people consider a moment of His company as something very beautiful and a gift of many good karmas of many past births. This shows how precious God is and how no human soul can be compared to Him in terms of qualities. So, God is a spiritual energy who has earned this type of respect from humans. They say He is God and He is expected to be the nicest. But, then even we are souls or spiritual energies like Him, but not as complete with qualities and not such a magnetic a personality as Him. Why such a difference between Him and us? This is because He does not lose His qualities because of coming under the influence of body consciousness. On the other hand, humans become egoistic or angry or lustful in the world drama which God, who is a very pure living energy, does not experience at all. This is the reason why God is respected so much. So respect is earned and not something that God gets for free. It’s His nature of purity which makes Him so loveable all over the world and someone whom every human being loves to respect.

Whenever the word God is mentioned anywhere in the world by anyone, people look upwards. This is a symbol of not only that God stays beyond the skies but also how He is the purest and the Highest of Highest.
 They also call Him the Father of Fathers, which means He is the Supreme parent of humanity. He is Supreme not only in His role of God but Supreme in His qualities. God is the most powerful soul in the world. His power changes the whole world into a place where peace, love and joy exist for 2500 years i.e. half the duration of the 5000 year world drama which keeps repeating itself. This peace, love and joy does not go away immediately after this 2500 year duration but reduces gradually. In fact, as revealed by God, 1250 years after the 2500 years of heaven on earth get over are not very very sorrow filled i.e. 3750 years of the world are full of happiness but the last 1250 years are lacking in peace, love and joy as we know from the history of the world.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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