Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Real positivity is to have positive thoughts even during a negative situation.

Message for the day 30-09-2015

Thought to Ponder: To think positive when everything is going on fine is good enough. But to create a positive thought when things are not fine is real positive thinking. It is such practice that makes us stronger, better and more powerful with each passing difficulty. On the other hand, every turbulent situation makes a weak mind weaker. 

Point to Practice: Today I will find something positive in the most negative situation. I will try to find the brighter side to something that seems obviously negative. I will remind myself of this and sustain it, so that negativity doesn't influence me. 

Soul Sustenance 30-09-2015

The Beautiful Personality Of God (Part 2)

Being a loveful parent, God maintains feelings of world benefit inside Himself and always thinks about how the world can become a beautiful land of love, where as the saying goes that even the goat and the lion drink water together at one stream. This is just a saying but what it means is that God’s role is to establish a world of pure love where humans and animals live together in peace and love. Also, He fills everyone with so much love that they become like Him by loving Him and that shows in their relationships. Remember to be in love with God, means to become loving with everyone. There are many people in the world who became sweeter individuals after they found the love of God in their lives. So, love for the Father changes itself into love for others in our life easily.

God never punishes anyone for his wrong actions but instead He showers mercy on each one and is always hopeful and positive that all His children will change for the good because they were originally pure and loveful and the present weaknesses are just temporary. This is the sweet personality of God and this is why He is worshipped and loved the most. Never think that He is God, so it is natural to love Him. No one is loved unless He is good. God has over so many years done a lot for the billions of humans and has shown His personality to everyone.God also comes down on Earth repeatedly after intervals of every 5000 years when the world and its people require to be changed. This is when He comes into contact with human souls and purifies them to become better individuals. It is in this journey of the world that His nature is discovered by humans and that is why after He goes away, God is remembered a lot for all that He has done.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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