Thursday, September 10, 2015

The method to remove negativity is to fill with positivity.

Message for the day 10-09-2015

Thought to ponder: Usually, the method of trying to remove negativity is to negate it. That means, I would say "I do not want to be lazy" or "I should not get angry". But we need to remember that we can't remove darkness, except by adding light. In the same way, we can't remove negativity without adding something positive. 

Point to practice: Today I will take up one thing that I always wanted to get rid of. I will then frame it in a positive way. For example, instead of saying "I should not be angry", I will say "today I am peaceful" or instead of saying "I do not want to be lazy" I say "today I have the determination to do what I have to do". This practice will ensure that I sustain positivity. 

Soul Sustenance 10-09-2015

A Powerful Consciousness Of Faith In Critical Situations (Part 3)

In the latter part of the birth-rebirth cycle, as our accounts of negative karma increased, we have experienced large number of ups and downs in the four parameters explained in the last two days messages – mind, body, wealth (or profession) and relationships. All these bitter experiences, which we obviously do not remember today, have weakened us and left deep scars on our subconscious mind and are in fact the main cause of the creation of sanskaras of fear, uncertainty, doubt, pessimism, etc. which we find in ourselves today. Repeated experiences cause the formation of similar sanskaras. If we experience peace repeatedly i.e. we think about peace, visualize peace, make peaceful conversations repeatedly, sanskaras of peace are created inside us. In the same way each time something went wrong with any of the four parameters (mentioned above) in the past births; due to a lack of spiritual awareness and power, we experienced sorrow, pain, peacelessness, anxiety etc. and that caused the creation of similar sanskaras inside us. This is the main reason why today we find ourselves in a situation, when faced with a problem, we are not being able to have the faith in ourselves, that we can emerge victorious in the situation.

We have experienced failure in the past births at different points of time and many times and that is why each time something goes wrong, although we emerge thoughts of victory we dilute these thoughts with a large number of weak thoughts, of possible failure. This kind of a weak consciousness during problems is not only prolonging the time period of our problems but is also keeping the solution away much longer. Today, with the help of spirituality, we need to inject the power of faith in our thoughts, words and actions. For that, we need to increase our thought power tremendously, which will have an effect on our words and actions automatically. The food of powerful thoughts through listening to or reading spiritual knowledge and the experience of emotional power through meditation given to the mind only can heal the emotional scars inside us over a period of time, the result of which we can become full of fierce determination and will-power so as to weaken negative situations and not let situations weaken us.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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