Thursday, September 3, 2015

Situations become an expression of our state of mind.

Message for the day 03-09-2015

Thought to ponder: Our reaction to situations is actually a proof of our state of mind. Even during challenging times, if we are positive towards ourselves and others, it means that we are positive. Only such positive minds can think powerfully and get creative solutions. 

Point to practice: Today I will take a thought to keep my mind positive during every challenge. Before I react to something, I will first stop, check my thoughts and only then say or do what I have to. Even if I do react at that time, after that I will check and change my thoughts. This is the training I need to give my mind. 

Soul Sustenance 03-09-2015

The Invisible Law Of The Universe (Part 4)

We all live our lives at a fast pace without ever stopping and checking the quality of our thoughts, words and actions. It was different for us when we did not possess the knowledge of what is a good action and what is not. But at this particular time period which is now, when God is giving us this knowledge, we need to review at the end of each day what we have done in the complete day and how were our thoughts, words and actions and was any thought, word or action not the right one? The measuring meter for this is the knowledge of the Law of karma, which our intellect has inside it. So, the first step is learning this knowledge and then implementing the knowledge in our lives.

Generally speaking, not only any word or action, but every thought which is created under the influence of any of the five main vices – lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego or weaknesses connected to these impure emotions, like jealousy, hatred, revenge, criticism, fear etc. are considered negative karma. All of them create negative sanskaras in the soul when created or indulged in. For many, imagining a day without some of these may seem difficult and that will make you realize that a very large percentage of our thoughts, words and actions go the wrong way without us making a conscious effort of stopping them from going that way. Also, thinking, speaking and performing actions which are related to the past or the future are considered unnecessary and is something we spend a lot of time in doing. These are of a lesser negative nature but have a subtle connection with body consciousness, which is the cause of all negative sanskaras being created in the soul. Of course, there are also thoughts, words and actions, which are related to our daily routine and our day-to-day tasks, which are necessary in nature but they are sometimes accompanied by the unnecessary when we attach excessive attachment to the past and future with them. And lastly, what is commonly known to all of us, all thoughts, words and actions, which are based on the primary qualities of the soul - peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and knowledge (truth) are the last category of positive and of the highest quality.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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