Sunday, September 13, 2015

To finish weaknesses is to get the gift of virtues.

Message for the day 13-09-2015

Thought to ponder: When we make effort to finish any weakness with determination, we automatically get the gift of some virtue. The process of finishing the weakness itself brings out virtues in us. Also, the end result may not be the virtue we want, but it is surely some virtue that we obtain. So, it is important to work on removing weaknesses, whether we see visible gain or not. 

Point to practice: Today I will take a firm decision to work on one weakness of mine, which I have been wanting to remove. I will chalk out a plan and begin work on removing it completely. From time to time, I will also revise and review my plan. I will also start appreciating the gift of virtues I am gaining in this process.

Soul Sustenance 13-09-2015

The Five Spiritual And Five Physical Elements (Part 3)

As explained in yesterday's message, in the hierarchy of the three entities around which the whole World Drama revolves – the Supreme Soul is right at the top, the human souls are in the middle and nature is at the bottom. So, the process of restoring the balance of the spiritual and physical elements has to be initiated from the top i.e. by the Supreme Soul. The human souls which are in the middle of the hierarchy benefit from this process directly. The human souls, by transforming themselves i.e. by filling themselves up with the five spiritual elements peace, purity, wisdom, love and joy from the Supreme Soul and restoring their balance in their personalities, then bring benefit to nature which is at the bottom of the hierarchy. This is because their doing this causes the positive energy of the five virtues to spread in nature, which results in the balance restoration of the five physical elements earth, air, water, fire and sky and the five spiritual elements or virtues in the personalities of animals, birds, insects (the same principle as explained yesterday). This entire process, explained above, takes place in the Confluence Age which is a small Age between the Iron Age and the Golden Age, which is again the present time. So, the Confluence Age is an Age in which positive transformation takes place. Thus, at the present moment of time, the two Ages - Iron Age and Confluence Age co-exist.

The Supreme Soul does not bring direct benefit to nature, He does that via human souls, who are intelligent enough to catch his directions and connect with Him and as a result transform themselves.So, the human souls when seen with respect to the Supreme Soul, who is the Creator; are the Creation, who benefit from Him. But the same human souls, when seen with respect to nature can be called the Master Creator and nature can be called as the Creation. Here the phrase Master Creator means children of the Supreme Soul, the Creator, but at the same time those children who possess the power to perform the task of balance restoration for the self as well as the Creation, similar to the Creator, under his guidance and by absorbing power from Him.

We shall explain the actual process of imbibing the five spiritual elements from the Supreme Soul in tomorrow's message, which is the last of this series.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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