Monday, September 21, 2015

To admire is to take inspiration to imbibe qualities.

Message for the day 21-09-2015

Thought to Ponder: True admiration and a true compliment is trying to appreciate and imbibe some quality on the basis of which the person achieved success. An attempt towards this, colors me positively as I start observing and imbibing positive qualities. 

Point to Practice: Today I will not compare with others. I will not lead myself to a belief that I cannot achieve what he did. I will also not get into a feeling of jealousy. Instead, I will see what I can learn and practice in my own life that I observed in the other person. 

Soul Sustenance 21-09-2015

Changing Your Belief System To Overcome Feelings Of Revenge (Part 2) 

The urge for revenge and the false taste of victory or happiness related to it can only end when the belief, that others are responsible for what you feel, is seen as a false one. Only when you take full responsibility for whatever thoughts and feelings you create will it be possible to end the anger and the hatred that seeks revenge. When someone hurts me, I create a negative image of myself and the other person in my mind’s eye, in different ways. I see myself and the other in a negative light, myself as a victim and the other person as a victimizer. I need to stop doing that and see myself and the other in a positive light, in the same light as before, irrespective of the negativity that the other has radiated to me. When we do that, we will stop pointing the finger at others for whatever hurt we may feel. Only when it is fully seen and accepted that someone can hurt or harm my vehicle, the physical body, but not me, the controller or driver of the vehicle, will rage and the desire for revenge stop existing inside my consciousness.

When I start seeing the person who has committed some negative action which is projected towards me, with an innocent, unbiased, untarnished vision, hatred will be transformed into love and compassion for both, me and the other person. Then it will be possible to be totally free of all judgment, criticism and any desire to seek justice and take pleasure and experience victory when justice is delivered. Only then will it be possible to rediscover true happiness in life, because as long as there is even the slightest trace of an urge to seek revenge for what someone has done to me, and the desire to experience the false happiness which is experienced when such revenge is delivered; both of which, the happiness and the revenge, are forms of subtle violence; true everlasting and deep peace, contentment and happiness can never be experienced.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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