Saturday, September 5, 2015

To consider myself a child of God is to have a right to His powers.

Message for the day 05-09-2015

Thought to ponder: In times of crises, it is very natural to ask God for help or power to face them. Yet, it seems that there is little power for sometime or no power at all to face the situation. On the other hand, when I remind myself that I am a child of God, I will automatically have a right to whatever God has. God is all powerful, full of all powers. It is these powers that I can use as a right, to deal with those difficult situations. 

Point to practice: Today I will take a thought, "I am a child - a child of God. Whatever He has, I too have a right over it." I will use these powers instead of just seeking and asking (still feeling powerless). 

Soul Sustenance 05-09-2015

The Invisible Law Of The Universe (Part 6)

Reviewing the day that has gone by and checking how the quality of karmas have been and then ensuring that thekarmas the next day are of a positive nature is a very good protection against difficult situations and also in reducing the intensity of these situations. Some people say that there is no justice, but remember the law ofkarma is an integral part of life. It is eternal and permanent. So people who are creating negative thoughts, words and actions will sooner or later face sorrow because sometimes the law of karma can take time to catch up with someone but they will face the results of their actions sooner or later. Also, if someone is surrounded by different types of difficult situations and problems all the time does not mean that he has performed more negative actions than those who are relatively less surrounded by situations. In these cases, it is just a matter of chance that at a particular moment of time or for a few months or years, their past actions were visible in their lives in the form of problems more than for the others. For the others, that time when they face the results of their karma could be a few years later. So using the law of karma to label someone as one who has performed more negative actions in their past births or lives is absolutely incorrect because remember negative or impure actions were performed by everyone, some more and some less. Each and every human being on the planet is facing the result of their pastkarma at the present moment of time when it’s time to clear all our negative actions.

This is the time when God performs His task of world transformation incognito i.e. not known to the complete world, since many people have not recognized His present presence in the world or have heard of that but they do not believe it is possible. God is a part of our lives today for the purpose of freeing us from the results of all our negative actions, so there is no need to feel sorrowful if there are negative situations in our lives today. On the other hand, let us become full of the power of determination, that with the help of God’s power of purity and a powerful connection with Him I can finish of all the accounts of my negative actions and become pure and problem free.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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