Saturday, October 3, 2015

To experience happiness is to give happiness to others too.

Message for the day 03-10-2015

Thought to Ponder: The one who walks on the right path can show others the path too. When I start appreciating what I have, I will be able to be happy. Then, I can inspire others too to experience happiness too. Also, it is only what I have that I can give others. 

Point to Practice: Today I will take a thought to be happy with whatever life brings. Even if something negative happens, I will just remain happy. I will see if there is a learning from it that I can take and move ahead. 

Soul Sustenance 03-10-2015

Projection Of Mental Energies In Relationships

Sometimes in relationships, you believe that the other person is hurting you because they do not meet your desires, but in such cases how can you know if it is really true? Let’s go a step ahead; does the belief that they are going to hurt you influence the situation until in the end it happens? Perhaps they won't hurt you. Your belief that the other is going to hurt you is not so powerful that it will necessarily affect the other person. But it affects you yourself. They may not hurt you at all finally, but you will end up hurt, you will become emotionally ill, even psychically ill sometimes. The symptoms will begin to show themselves and you will say: Did you see? I feel hurt, I keep telling you so. So your belief caused you to get hurt and not the other.

The other person isn't you. In relationships, a moment comes when you don't know if it is their fault or yours, if it is their responsibility or yours, if that person has caused the irritation inside you, or if it was you, if that person began the argument or it was you, if they created the conflict or if it was you, because we project (throw) our energies onto each other. All of this drives us to frustration. A lot of power, negative or positive, is needed for a person to be able to influence others with their consciousness, it is easier to influence ourselves. This is a basic principle of human relationships, which we don't understand. We don't understand, and the reason is that we don't see ourselves, because we are always looking at the other, putting the responsibility onto them, blaming them, criticizing them.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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