Saturday, October 10, 2015

To have self-respect is to get respect from all.

Message for the day 10-10-2015

Expression: Anything that is full will remain stable. When I am in my stage of self-respect, I will be humble. I then need not ask for or demand respect. I will become worthy of receiving respect. People will then automatically give good wishes and respect. 

Experience: Today I will take one point that acts like a practice of self-respect. I will take a simple thought reminding of it from time to time. A thought like "I have the right to success" or "I am special and unique" or any other thought of practice helps. 

Soul Sustenance 10-10-2015

8 Powers To Experience Success (Part 5)

In yesterday's message, we had explained the importance of the first step of the day as a step of determination and the effect it has on the entire day after that. But it is important to note that along with determination we also need spiritual strength and wisdom to bring the eight powers into practice. Strength is the inner ability of the soul to emerge and bring these powers into action. Wisdom on the other hand is to know which power is required and when and is the key to making the strength work i.e. bringing the power into actual action. Both wisdom and strength are of equal importance.

Wisdom is learnt through the medium of spirituality. It includes the complete knowledge of the soul and how it works. Along with that the knowledge of karma which in short is the law of action and reaction which means every good or bad karma causes a similar result, which the soul has to experience in the form of joy and sorrow. Also, a relationship with God and the knowledge of that as well as the knowledge of who is God and how we can connect with Him and fill ourselves with the eight powers. Along with that the knowledge of the world drama and how we come into the cycle of birth and rebirth and lose our eight powers and how we can regain them. Of course, lastly the knowledge of the eight powers and their practical use in day-to-day life. All these aspects of spirituality and their complete knowledge is spiritual wisdom. To attain wisdom, you do not need to leave your day-to-day life routine or your homes. It can be done while being a professional. On the other hand, the wisdom is required more if you are living a life in which you meet different types of people with different natures, which is only possible if you are living a life full of different relationships at the personal and professional levels. So, live in a family, go to office, run a business but do not forget to listen or read spiritual knowledge along with that because without wisdom, you will not know how to use the eight powers and will not know how to be emotionally successful.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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