Sunday, November 29, 2015

Greatness lies in being uninfluenced by negative.

Message for the day 29-11-2015

Thought to Ponder: It is common to get influenced when we hear or see anything negative. But our effort should be such that w are not influenced by anything negative. For this, we need a long time of practice of seeing positive. If I have been seeing positive in a person, I will not easily connect to his negative, even if it is being expressed at that time. 

Point to Practice: Today I will look at only positive in people. If anything negative comes my way, I will use it as an excuse to remind myself of that positive which I have been consciously practicing to see. This will help me to slowly connect to positive instead of the negative aspect of a person. 

Soul Sustenance 29-11-2015

Awakening Your Intuition (Part 2)

Meditation purifies and sharpens our intellect which makes it broader and far-sighted and also makes it free from waste and negativity; very clean and clear, like a mirror. As a result the intellect is able to subconsciously look into the hidden aspects of any situation, sense the underlying thoughts, emotions and feelings of people involved without any of them being visible, also look into the future without it having evolved as yet and sense the right solution. Nothing can remain hidden from a mirror. Even though a mirror is not consciously aware, somehow or the other it will decide correctly. This is only the intuitive capability, the capability of becoming a situation doctor, hearing the mental pulse of the situation and coming up with the right cure for it, which is awakened by meditation immensely. If the intellect contains negativity or waste and is not clear, sometimes one or more than one of the many influences which we had mentioned in yesterday's message might be perceived to be the intuition and then we might fail in a particular situation. It’s important to note that the intuition, if heard correctly, which is only the case when the intellect is clean, can never be wrong and will always take you in the right direction.

In the above context, for the completely analytical minded, it’s significant to understand that the intuitive perception was favored more by old spiritual traditions and the intellectual perception, is being favored more by modern science and medicine. Relying only on the intellectual perception is not wise. It alone cannot give us a complete idea of reality. A balance needs to be created between the two different types of perception. People with a balance will be more successful in life and victorious in difficult situations.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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