Friday, November 27, 2015

To keep a fast for the mind is to free it from waste and negative.

Message for the day 27-11-2015

Thought to Ponder: We do keep fast on some days. On such days, we take care not to include certain things in our food or lives. But, true fasting is to keep the mind free from what is not good for it. That means, I need to work on keeping my mind free from negative and waste thoughts, which only harm my mind. 

Point to Practice: Today I will keep a fast for my mind. I will not think of something that is not good for it. To do this, I will also take a beautiful thought of positivity like, "I have the best in my life" or "today is a great day". Then, I will be able to keep a fast for the mind in the right way. 

Soul Sustenance 27-11-2015

Absorbing Spiritual Light (Part 3)

Continuing from yesterday’s message, we should not keep the vices bottled up inside us like prisoners. Prisoners are always plotting to escape. If we change them into our friends they can help us. For example, the energy required to be stubborn is almost the same as that required to be determined except that one is positive and the other negative. The soul learns to transfer such energy. Anger becomes tolerance. Greed can be transformed into contentment. Arrogance, or the respect for false identity, can become self-respect. Attachment can be changed into pure love.

The more I inculcate the Supreme Soul or God’s virtues, the closer I feel to Him, but if I allow inner disturbances due to any vice, my high stage is grounded. All the power stored up until that moment will leak away. I must recognize that I really do not like being body-conscious. As I wish for higher experiences I choose to live the life of a meditator with purity in thought, word and action. Obstructions come within and without, but through my connection with God I am drawing so much power so as to remain unaffected. This needs soul-consciousness. So in discarding the rubbish of the vices I have gathered over many births, I become my original form and maintain it through my closeness or companionship with God.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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