Friday, November 20, 2015

To have a positive consciousness is to make action elevated too.

Message for the day 20-11-2015

Thought to Ponder: To think that I am ordinary is to make actions ordinary too. To think that I am special is to bring that specialty into every action that I do. As is my consciousness, so are my actions. So it is important to have a positive approach which acts as a powerful base for creating elevated actions. 

Point to Practice: Today I will take one good thought like "I am happy and will give happiness to all I meet" or "Every task that I do is important and I have a contribution to make through this task". When I start my day with such a foundation, I find that my actions are elevated too. 

Soul Sustenance 20-11-2015

On A Spiritual Joyride (Part 6)

When we begin our spiritual journey, we should ensure that we don’t work on ourselves strictly. On the other hand, we should change ourselves with ease and lightness which gives us an experience of joy and does not let us get tired while making effort to change ourselves. While looking at your weaknesses, do not feel disheartened that why they exist and why I am not able to bring about the required amount of change in myself. Bringing about changes in your behavior and thinking is important but not at the cost of losing your happiness while doing that. Happiness is lost when there is sometimes loss of hope and doubts whether we will be able to succeed in changing ourselves or not exist. Also, when we see others around us who are perfect in many ways, we could experience an inferiority complex and our self esteem is reduced. In such cases, it is wise to be extremely patient and keep traveling on the path of self-change with determination and happiness, without getting tired.

Also, a spiritual path is one in which there are different types of side-scenes or distracting scenes in the form of difficult and surprising situations which tend to prevent us from experiencing fulfillment and even prevent us from fulfilling our life’s aim of making ourselves perfect. Even in such cases, a spiritual joyride is one we have to experience because we have to accept that spirituality does not mean that there will be no difficult problems on our path. Only the power to cross the problems will be inside us that will make it easier for us as compared to before. Also, stress which is a common response to a difficult situation will be changed to contentment and life will no longer seem as difficult as before inspite of all the negative scenes of disturbance. This in short is a description of how living a spiritual life is the easiest and most enjoyable type of journey one could undertake for shaping up a new you and giving a similar shape to others.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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