Friday, November 13, 2015

To celebrate is to bring about a positive change.

Message for the day 13-11-2015

Thought to Ponder: Celebrations usually last for a day, but true celebration is to sustain the feeling and experience for a long time. When I understand and recognize the spirit of the celebration, I will be able to carry it forward into the days to come. Thus celebrations create a positive impact in my life. 

Point to Practice: Today I will celebrate something that I have in my life. It could be the happiness of having the gift of certain relationships and exchange of values through them, or of having some special quality in me. Let me today experience and celebrate this gift and sustain it through the day. This is true celebration which will create a change for days to come. 

Soul Sustenance 13-11-2015

Maintaining Your Self-Esteem In Relationships

When a person is in love with another human, the marvelous thing about being in love is that it is a totally positive projection. There is a person who projects on to you all that is positive: you are marvelous, you are unique, you are indispensable, you are a treasure. That positive projection generates a euphoric state, of bliss, of wellbeing, whereby you are flying. You feel loved, cared for, needed and valued. That positive projection lasts for a time until, with the dependencies and expectations, the negative projection begins. You should have called me, you should have told me, you should have come at this time, you should be more like this, you should be less like that, you should have done this or that.

With these expectations, demands and dependencies, that positive projection and flying state disappear. The other has started interfering in your personal space and the harmony that was there previously is lost. One needs to learn to have a positive vision of oneself. You are marvelous, you are unique; don't depend on them telling you so. This does not mean you need to feed your ego, but that you need to make the most positive emerge from within you. Resort to all your creative, positive, spiritual capacity, so that you do not depend on others having to project positive things onto you in order to feel good. On feeling good in an independent and autonomous way, you will be able to share with others peace, love and positivism. You won't be in the state of a victim but will be true rulers and controllers of your own life with solid self-esteem.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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