Thursday, November 12, 2015

To be a master is to win in situations.

Message for the day 12-11-2015

Thought to Ponder: There is a long time practice of being a victim of situations. As is the situation, so is the reaction. It automatically results in a loss of strength and hope to make the situation better. On the other hand, to be a master is to understand that the situation is temporary and I have the power to change it. This will give me encouragement to make at least a small contribution to change the situation. 

Point to Practice: Today I will keep a chart of the extent to which I have been a ruler. I will check how many times during the day I have kept the controls with me in the variety of situations that the day brings to me. This will give me a clue to the extent to which I am able to control situations and direct them to a positive way instead of allowing it to control me. 

Soul Sustenance 12-11-2015

Performing A Spiritual Audit At The End Of The Day (Part 2)

Yesterday we had explained how self evaluation at the end of the day is extremely vital to one's progress and development. A useful exercise in this regard is keeping a daily chart for about 3 personality traits or pointsand filling it up every night (lesser than 3 is also fine, but not more , because then you might feel lazy in keeping the chart after a few days and also you might lose focus and the personality traits may not transform as much as you want). You could either evaluate yourself with a yes or no or perform a percentage wise evaluation like 50% or 90% for e.g. We have mentioned below, some of the common traits from which you could select the traits to keep a daily chart for. You could incorporate some other specific traits (not mentioned in this list), which you want to change or develop, depending on your personality:

In the entire day, today; not only in my words and actions, but also in my thoughts:
- Did I see everyone's specialties and keep good wishes for each one, in spite of obvious weaknesses being visible?
- Did I remain free from all forms of anger, like irritation, frustration, grudge, revenge, etc.?
- Did I ensure that I neither give nor take sorrow, hurt, pain from anyone?
- Did I remain free from waste and negative?
- Did I remain ego less?
- Did I remain untouched by name, fame, praise, insult?
- Did I remain stable?
- Did I remain free from judgments, criticism, jealousy, comparison, hatred, etc.?
- Did I keep a conscious of serving each one whom I met?
- Did I bring the 8 main powers into practice and experience being powerful?
- Did I remain in self-respect and give respect to everyone?
- Did I practice being soul-conscious in actions and interactions?
- Did I take a one minute break every hour to reflect, meditate and control the traffic of thoughts in the mind?

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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