Tuesday, November 10, 2015

To have the ability to understand a problem is also to have the ability to find a solution.

Message for the day 10-11-2015

Thought to Ponder: Just as an expert in any field would notice a deficiency, if I have the ability to recognize a problem, I will surely know what the solution is. I need to focus my energies to find the solution. Then I will be able to use my resources well. 

Point to Practice: Today I will only focus on solutions. Whenever a problem comes up, I will spend time thinking about what I could do to change it. When I direct my mind in this way, there will neither be worry nor will the problem remain. 

Soul Sustenance 10-11-2015

A Special Message On Diwali

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Wishing you and your family a Happy Diwali & a Prosperous New Year.

Deepavali - Lighting a single diya of my own Spiritual Awareness!

A single diya or lamp holds infinite beauty and hope. Diwali is a celebration of victory over evil or darkness and the coming of a New Year. But what is the darkness we want to remove? Let us not only celebrate Diwali for a day, but let life be a Diwali experience. As we clean our homes, let's clean our minds of all the emotional blockages. Let us check the smallest corners and remove all the little specks and stains of harsh words, bitterness, betrayal and past hurts. As we wear new clothes, let's also get rid off our old, unwanted, disturbing habits of anger, jealousy, worry.... and emerge our new but original qualities of peace, love, bliss and happiness and a new way of thinking, responding to situations and a new way of living. As we settle our old account books and begin new ones, let us settle our old karmic accounts, any unpleasantness in relationships and begin our relationships in a new positive way. If there is anything we are still holding onto, let it go. Forgive and resolve conflicts. It’s time for settlement. As we light the lamps, let us ignite the lamp of knowledge within. Knowledge fills us with peace, love and happiness and radiates to the world. As we burst firecrackers, let us burn and finish the past hurt. Like one flame can burst an entire chain of crackers, similarly one thought – Past is Passed, can finish all the burdens we are carrying. As we exchange sweets let us also exchange sweet words, good wishes and blessings.

When we celebrate Diwali in its true sense, then we will invoke the Divinity of Goddess Lakshmi in ourselves. When we celebrate Diwali, we also usher in the New Year. But if we practically start living Diwali, then we will create a New Life, and together we will create a New World, a world where - Peace is the religion, Love is the language, Compassion is the relationship, Truth is in action and Happiness is a way of living. Heaven, Paradise, Satyug …. a dream for many is very soon going to be a reality.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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