Friday, July 27, 2012

The practice of the divine virtues makes one positive and powerful.

Message for the day 27-07-2012
The practice of the divine virtues makes one positive and powerful. 

Projection: When we are connected to our inner divine virtues, there is peace and beauty in our minds. Thus we find that concentration and memory power increase as every thought is connected to the inner divinity and positivity. 

Solution: When I am not able to take clear decisions or not able to see things clearly, I need to check the quality of my thoughts. I need to make effort to make my thoughts more pure and positive. I can do this when I am able to connect to the divinity within. This will make me experience power. 

Soul Sustenance 27-07-2012

Stress Management 

There are some false beliefs about stress that we have acquired: 

“Only a doctor can diagnose and treat stress" 

Truth: Doctors only treat the physical symptoms of stress, not the cause. Only you know the thoughts and feelings that lie at the root of your stress, and only you can change your thoughts, emotions and feelings. No one else creates your thoughts and feelings, and they don't just happen, though it feels that way sometimes. When you learn to identify and assess the quality of your thoughts and feelings, you can begin to choose the ones you know are positive. 

What are you thinking now? What are you feeling right now? And what is the quality of each thought and feeling? How often do you ask yourself these three questions? Probably rarely, usually never - it's just not part of our education. Some people say these kinds of introspective questions are a form of self-obsession (ego). But they are not. A few minutes every day in such a gentle inner enquiry and very quickly know more closely than ever what you need to do to calm yourself and concentrate your energies in the most effective way. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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